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Enabling JCE for your JDK (Java-Linux VPS/CLOUD)

You will need to install the correct JCE version corresponding to the the JDK version which the client has set for his application. Below are a few examples of the most used JDK/JCE version and links from where to download them:

1. Download the archive jce_policy-$.zip and move it to your home directory (/home/user$) using Cpanel > File Manager. 

PS. The symbol '$' stands for dynamic values.

2. Login to your server via SSH.

3. Navigate to the home directory of the user /home/user$/.

# cd  /home/user$/

4. Extract jce\local_policy.jar and jce\US_export_policy.jar from the archive to the folder /usr/local/jdk$/jre/lib/security, overwriting the files already present in the directory.

# unzip jce_policy-$.zip

-- generally there will be a sub-folder in this archive, in this case navigate onto it as such

# cd UnlimitedJCEPolicyJDK$
# cp -rf *.jre /usr/local/jdk$/jre/lib/security

5. After that restart the Tomcat enviroment from your Cpanel > Private JVM plugin.

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