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WebsitePanel to WebsitePanel migration

To backup your data, please proceed with the steps below:

1. Login to the WebsitePanel.

2. Click on the File Manager.

3. Check the box of the websites you wish to backup and click Zip.

4. Write the archive name and click Zip.

5. Once the archive is ready click on it to and a pop-up windows with which you can download it.

6. To backup your databases, please follow this tutorial HERE

To restore the data, please follow these steps:

Once you have made sure that all of your database is backed up and stored to your local machine, remove your websites/domain and databases.

1. Login to the WebsitePanel.

2. Re-add the domains/websites and databases to your other account following the tutorials below:

3. Click on the File Manager.

4. Choose Upload, browse your ".zip" archived backups to upload them.

5. Check the box of the archive and click Unzip.

6. Click on the newly created SQL database, expand Maintanence Tools and choose Restore.

7. In the new window browse the backup and click Restore to finish the process.

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