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Email Migration with SmarterMail (WebsitePanel)

Migration of emails/contacts/calendars via SmarterMail can be achieved by using the Mailbox Migration Tool. The Mailbox Migration Tool makes switching email providers easy by importing email, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes to SmarterMail from most third-party mail servers.

1. To access the mailbox migration tool, please first create an email account from your WebsitePanel interface. You can follow this tutorial for more details Email Creation.

2. After the email account is created, please login with it to your webmail interface using the ( being your actual domain-name), or if your domain is not pointed to our server the Mail Server Hostname http://cmx$

Note: The mail server hostname can be found following the steps described here Mail Server Hostname.

3. Once you are logged in, please click on the Settings icon.

4. Then expand the My Settings and Advanced Settings folders and click Mailbox Migration.

5.  The Mailbox Migration Tool will open in a new window, in which there is a drop-down menu from where you can choose the Account Type from which you are migrating.

6. Click Next and on the other page you will see a short list of the Import Items you wish to migrate.

7. Click Next again and depending on the mail server you are migrating from, you may be asked to provide the mailbox protocol (POP, IMAP), the server address, port, username and password.

8. Once you have filled all the information click Next and you will be able to see the Start button, which upon pressing will initiate the migration of your items.

Note: It may take some time for your mailbox data to import. You can continue using SmarterMail during this time as the migration process happens in the background.

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